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Waiwhetu Stream

Waiwhetu Stream

Updated 7 September 2017 1:46pm


Aerial photograph of the Waiwhetu Stream in flood

The Waiwhetu Stream in flood, February 2004

Development of the floodplain management plan

A Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) is currently being developed for the Waiwhetu Stream. This project began in 2004, and a lot of work was put in prior to the Waiwhetu Project starting. This project was put on hold during the Waiwhetu Remediation and Widening and Deepening Project, but commenced again in August 2010, with the additional benefit of having addressed some of the flooding that occured in 2004, approximately a 40 year return period event.

If you want to get involved please contact;

Project Manager - Alistair Allan - 04 830 4084 -


Waiwhetu Flood Hazard

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