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Waiohine River Floodplain Management Plan

Waiohine River Floodplain Management Plan

Updated 15 May 2017 12:13pm

Work has been ongoing with the Greytown and Carterton communities to develop a floodplain management plan for the Waiohine River. The Waiohine River Floodplain Management Advisory Committee shared a consultation document with the community in mid-2016, receiving submissions on aspects of the proposal. There was some concern expressed about the science used to understand this river’s flood hazard.

GWRC, with the agreement of South Wairarapa and Carterton District Councils, commissioned an independent audit and review of the mapping used to develop options for floodplain management. This review was received in mid-May 2017. A Wairarapa Committee is being established and will consider a way forward for the Waiohine River FMP.


Over the last eight years, GWRC has been working with South Wairarapa and Carterton District Councils, communities and iwi towards an agreed Floodplain Management Plan.

During this time, a number of options for managing flood risks were identified and discussed. These discussions were led by the Waiohine River Floodplain Management Planning Advisory Committee (WFMPAC), a group made up of members of the Wairarapa community, as well as District and Regional Councillors and other groups interested in the Waiohine River.  

A Waiohine River Floodplain Management plan will describe the work that will need to be undertaken to manage flood risks associated with the Waiohine River. This work might include building stop-banks, keeping the river channel clear or planting river edges to prevent erosion.

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