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Waikanae River Floodplain Management Plan

Waikanae River Floodplain Management Plan

Updated 4 February 2015 11:25am

What is it?

TheWaikanae FMP (Updated 2013) contains information about the river and floodplain, the risk of flooding, what has been done to minimise its impact and what is intended to be done in the future. It is a blueprint for the management of the river and floodplain during the next 40 years. The Plan was published in 1997, after a five-year planning process with the Waikanae community. Throughout this process the community worked through the issues surrounding the risk of flooding in the Waikanae area and developed a set of methods that would best deal with the flood problem.

The Plan is a living document that will change and be further developed over time. Your continuing involvement in the implementation of the Plan will help keep it alive and will reflect the changing needs of the community as well as keeping you informed and prepared.

Who is responsible for making it happen?

Greater Wellington is responsible for managing and supporting the implementation of the Plan. We will do this in partnership with Kapiti Coast District Council and the Waikanae community through its Annual Plan and Business planning process. We fund the management of the river, flood mitigation and flood warning systems through special purpose and regional rates and have a role in emergency management

Kapiti Coast District Council controls land use through the District Plan, funds some flood protection methods and has a major role in emergency management. The Waikanae River communities have a crucial ongoing responsibility to maintain public awareness of the risks and potential impacts of flooding.

What does the plan mean for you?

If you have assets or an interest in the Waikanae area it is important that you read the Waikanae Floodplain Management plan The plan will inform you about the management of the Waikanae floodplain and will show you how to protect your assets from a flood. It will also help answer questions you may have like: Do you live in a flood prone area ? Or what should you do if there is a flood?

You can view a hard copy of the Plan at the front desks of Greater Wellington or Kapiti Coast District Council or download a copy by clicking on the link above.