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Volunteering in our region parks

Volunteering in our region parks

Updated 6 March 2018 8:50am

So much of the work we do in our regional parks couldn’t happen without your help. We love working together with our communities to take care of our parks and make a difference.

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer over a number of different projects, activities and organisations.

Planting, restoration and conservation

Every year in our parks, more than 25,000 trees are planted by volunteers like you.

Keep an eye out on our events page for community planting days where you can work alongside other volunteers and Greater Wellington, to build a greater environment for our future.

For a full list of volunteer groups in your area, see Nature Space.

Friends of the parks

Most of our parks also have a “friends” or “care” group which contributes to restoration and planting projects and the future of the park. They take on projects such as the Baring Head Lighthouse restoration project and work with us to make it happen.

East Harbour Regional Park

Queen Elizabeth Regional Park

Belmont Regional Park

Kaitoke Regional Park

Whitereia Regional Park

Other volunteering opportunities

If planting and conservation isn’t your thing, but you’d still like to volunteer in our parks, there are other opportunities for you to contribute.

Corporate volunteering

If you’re looking for a team building day that makes more than just a difference to your team, but a difference to the environment, consider a corporate restoration day in one of our regional parks.

Corporate restoration days in the regional parks are a great opportunity to spend time outside your workplace and get to know the other people in your team or wider business. Plus you'll be able to come back later and enjoy the "fruits" of your labours. Or at least watch the birds doing so.

Activities include planting, "releasing" plants from competition (a great stress-buster!) and potting up seedlings.

Restoration days are organised around the existing restoration calendar which happens only in winter. Contact to register your interest and find out more information.