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Transmission Gully gets real

Transmission Gully gets real

Turning of the first sod for the Transmission Gully motorway earlier this month was a momentous occasion for the Wellington region.

Fran Wilde, Chair of the Regional Council, says she’s delighted that the 27km motorway is now under way.

”This has been on the Regional Council’s agenda for very many years and it is excellent to see it is now being funded by the Goverment.

“Transmission Gully provides the region with an unprecedented degree of reliability. The new route will be far more resilient than the current stretch of highway, particularly between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki. In a major seismic event the coastal route would likely be cut off for up to 120 days whereas access through Transmission Gully could be restored in 30 days.”

The Regional Council will ensure that environmental issues around the construction of Transmission Gully motorway are managed carefully and effectively. We’re working with all stakeholders on a package of mitigation and compensation measures to manage the effect of the road and contribute to the environmental values of important parts of the region such as Pauatahanui Inlet and Battle Hill and Belmont Regional Parks.