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Swamp kiokio

Swamp kiokio

Updated 19 June 2014 1:36pm

Swamp kiokio


Scientific name: Blechnum novae-zelandiae 

Wetland plant group: Fern

Plant growth form: Up to 1m tall

Flowering: Does not flower. Spores are borne on dark brown fronds.

Related species: There a number of Blechnum ferns that usually grow in forests and are occasionally found in wetlands, perched on drier sites. Another common variety is the smaller Blechnum minus.


The fronds of swamp kiokio are light green, often tinged with red. There are separate fertile fronds, which are dark brown and shrivelled, that carry the spores.

Swamp kiokio is often found growing in wetlands with harakeke or pūrei, and in shaded forest gullies.