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See our new East Harbour Regional Park video

See our new East Harbour Regional Park video

If you’re looking for the finest views in the Wellington region, you’ll find grand 360° vistas from capes to coasts, forests to farms and lakes to lighthouses at East Harbour Regional Park. You may even see dolphins playing in the south coast surf.

Broken into three distinctive sections, the most northerly of the park’s diverse environment stretches along the  ranges from Wainuiomata through to Eastbourne, where beech and podocarp forests dominate.

Mark McAlpine, East Harbour regional park ranger, says Butterfly Creek, tucked away in the tranquil forest, is one of the park’s favourite picnic spots.

Venturing further south along the Pencarrow Coast road is the nationally significant Parangarahu Lakes area, calmly nestled in two isolated bowls a pebble’s throw from Cook Strait. And if it’s drama you’re looking for Baring Head, with its lonely lighthouse high above the rugged coast, will fit the bill.

Wherever you are in this very accessible the park, there’s lots to do, including picnicking, walking, tramping, mountain biking, rock climbing and even hang gliding.