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Rule 5 Processing of animal and plant matter

Rule 5 Processing of animal and plant matter

Updated 3 July 2015 12:58pm

The discharge of contaminants into air from industrial or trade premises in connection with:

(1) any processing of animal or plant matter (including any process incidental to the cooking of food such as deep fat frying, oil frying, roasting, drying, curing by smoking, and the slaughter or skinning of animals);

is a Permitted Activity, provided it complies with the conditions below, and excluding discharges of contaminants to air arising from:

(a) the extraction, distillation or purification of animal or vegetable oils or fats;

(b) the rendering, reduction, drying or curing (other than by smoking) through application of heat to animal matter (including, but not limited to, feathers, blood, bone, hoof, skin, offal, whole fish, and fish heads and guts) and like parts;

(c) the processing of skins, including fellmongery and tanning; or

(d) the drying of milk or milk products through the application of heat.


The person(s) responsible for the activity shall ensure that:

(i) there is no discharge of smoke, particulates (including dust, fat and oil), odour, gas, vapour which is noxious, dangerous, offensive or objectionable at or beyond the boundary of the property; and

(ii) the discharge of contaminants to air is vented through a chimney(s) or vent(s) which discharge at a point(s) which, as far as practicable, avoids the adverse effects or potential adverse effects of downwash.

Explanation: Rule 5 relates to discharges to air from the processing of animal or plant matter, such as by cooking, curing and smoking. This Rule applies to industrial or trade premises only, and includes processes undertaken in abattoirs, meat packaging plants, food manufacturing plants, fast food outlets, commercial kitchens and the like. Rule 5 permits the discharge of contaminants to air resulting from the processing of animal and plant matter, as long as it is not any of those activities noted in (a-d), and is in compliance with the stated conditions.

Discharges from domestic premises are not covered by this rule but remain subject to the nuisance provisions of the Health Act 1956 (section 29). Discharges of contaminants to air from industrial or trade premises that are explicitly excluded by (a-d) in Rule 5 are discretionary activities which require a resource consent under Rule 23.