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Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015

Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015

Updated 16 May 2018 10:11am

A resilient and reliable transport system that's easy to use matters to all of us.                 

The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is our blueprint for a network that will keep the Wellington region vibrant, on the move and enable it to grow and meet future needs.

The RLTP 2015 sets out the strategic direction for land transport in the Wellington region over the next 10-30 years.

It also includes a programme of all the land transport activities in the region that we need funding for over the next six years.

Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015

Variation to the RLTP 2015 (Upper Hutt Trail) December 2015

Variation to the RLTP 2015 (SH2 Carterton to Masterton Safety Improvements) April 2016

Variation to the RLTP 2015 (SH2 Mt Bruce Safety Improvements) September 2017

Variation to the RLTP 2015 (Waterloo and Paraparaumu site purchase and development) October 2017

Variation to the RLTP (State Highway LED street lighting conversion) April 2018

Variation to the RLTP 2015 (Tawa Street Level Crossing Automatic Gates and new pedestrian surface treatments) May 2018


The new RLTP replaces and combines the existing Regional Land Transport Strategy, including all the corridor and implementation plans, and the Regional Land Transport Programme for Wellington.

Looking for how an existing regional transport plan or strategy is covered in the new RLTP? Click here  


Background working papers

Policy Framework


Summary of strategic approach


Transport network pressures and issues

Problem description

Objectives and outcomes

Measuring progress


Corridor Strategies

Strategic case for investment by corridor

Ngauranga to airport corridor strategy

Western corridor strategy

Hutt corridor strategy

Wairarapa corridor strategy

Connections between corridors

Network Plans

Introduction - the role of modes

Public transport network

Strategic road network

Freight network

Walking network

Cycling network

Other Action Areas

Road safety

Network resilience 

Travel demand management 

Regional Programme


Programme overview

Background and context

The regional programme

Significant transport activities 

Inter-regional significance 

Funding sources and financial forecasts