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Riverworks Report

Riverworks Report

Updated 14 October 2019 2:23pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Flood Protection Operations River Works Schedule

Period 14 to 20 October 2019




Wairarapa Area



Lower Wairarapa Valley

Ruamahanga - Waihenga Bridge

Ruamahanga - Backwater Road

Ruamahanga upstream Waihenga Bridge

Ruamahanga - Moiki

Waiohine to Waihenga 2km downstream of Waiohine confluence

Gravel extraction

Gravel extraction

Gravel extraction       

Gravel extraction - P J Warren Contracting

Gravel extraction - Fulton Hogan     


Tauherenikau River

Lower Tauherenikau

Berm mulching

Upper Ruamahanga River

1km Upstream Gladstone Bridge

1km Downstream Te Ore Ore Bridge

3km Downstream Gladstone Bridge (Ahiaruhe)

Gravel extraction - Hooper Contracting

Gravel extraction - Croskery Contracting

Gravel extraction - Higgins Ltd

Waiohine River         

1km Upstream Ruamahanga confluence

Fullers Bend

Gravel extraction - PJ Warren Contracting

Stopbank mulching

Waingawa River


No in channel work

Waipoua River


No in channel work

Other Wairarapa rivers & streams


No in channel work

Wellington Area


Hutt River

 Belmont below KGB

Totara Park to Whakatiki

Wetlands Pilot

Beach vegetation removal

Other Wellington rivers  & streams



No in channel work

Kapiti Area



Otaki River

Gas Crossing


Gravel extraction

Beach grooming

Waikanae River


No in channel work

Other Kapiti rivers & streams


No in channel work

No in channel work

note: This list is a general description of the work planned during the next week. Please contact Flood Protection staff for further detail. Completion of this work is dependent on weather conditions and contractor availability.  All work listed may not be completed in the following week.