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Rivers and streams

Rivers and streams

Updated 12 August 2016 2:09pm
River and stream health

We measure river and stream water quality and ecosystem health at 55 sites around the region. At monthly intervals we measure a range of variables, such as dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, clarity, turbidity, suspended solids, nutrients and E. coli bacteria.

We also carry out annual biological monitoring of the invertebrate animal and algal communities, as a measure of both water quality and stream health.

We also monitor water quality at popular river swimming spots during the summer months.

Check out our environmental reports for more information.

River levels and flows

We measure river/stream flows and levels at 45 sites throughout the region. Water levels are monitored continuously at all stations and water temperature is monitored at selected sites. The data are logged on a regular basis (usually every 15 minutes) and then uploaded to our database via radio or cell phone transmission every 2 to 3 hours.

The data we provide for this website is a combination of raw (unchecked) and archived (checked) data. The archived data is shown in black and the raw data is shown in red. If you require the information in a form other than how it is presented here, please contact us and we can usually provide it within two working days.

Every quarter we publish summaries of the information collected to give a general picture of recent trends. River level and flow data is also collected by NIWA at additional sites in the Wellington region

River and rainfall levels are also available on Hydroline, which are voice mail boxes updated hourly (calls cost 12 cents per minute) - Hutt Valley  08 322 0170, Kapiti Coast 08 322 0150, Wellington/Porirua 08 322 0190, Wainuiomata/Orongorongo 08 322 0650, Wairarapa rivers 08 322 0669 or Wairarapa rainfall and lakes 08 322 9069.

Check out our environmental reports for more information.


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