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Regional Transport Analysis

Regional Transport Analysis

Updated 2 April 2019 12:53pm

The following reports provide concise descriptions and current data on transport trends and patterns across the Wellington region:

Wellington City cordon survey 2000-2018

2017 Rail Survey - Park & Ride data note

Wellington Rail Survey (2017) Analysis

Wellington Rail Passenger Survey 2017

Report on the 2016 Tertiary Student Travel survey

Wellington Transportation MSG report 2016

Household Travel Survey Questionnaire Comparison 2015

Wellington Transport Perceptions Survey Report 2015

Effects of Wellington RoNS Report 2015

Wellington 2013 Census Journey to Work Document

Wellington 2013 Census Journey to Work Appendices

Wellington 2013 Census Journey to Work Maps

Wellington Region Walking Report 2001-2015

Wellington Region Cycling Report 2001-2012

Wellington Rail Report 2011-2012


Technical reports regarding the regional transport model development can be accessed here:

Wellington Transport Models – Technical Reports