Regional Plan Review

Regional Plan Review

A draft of the Regional Plan is being prepared for public release in late 2014. This document will address the natural resource issues of the region.

As part of this process, five whaitua committees will be established across the region to examine water quality and allocation issues within each catchment.  The whaitua committees will add additional, catchment specific, chapters into the Regional Plan over the next few years, as plan variations or plan changes.

Community input

As we develop the plan we want to check our progress and clarify plan provisions and how they might be implemented. So, we have prepared a discussion document that contains all the possible policies and rules for:

  • Air quality
  • Coastal marine area
  • Natural hazards
  • Water quality in urban areas and in rural areas
  • Water allocation

From August 2013, we have been out and about meeting and talking with partners and interested parties about the document before we begin preparing the draft Regional Plan.

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Whaitua committees

Whaitua committees will work with the Te Upoko Taiao committee to develop the Regional Plan.  They are responsible for developing catchment specific programmes and plan provisions as part of the Regional Council's implementation of the NPS for Freshwater Management.

The first whaitua committee Greater Wellington Regional Council has established is the Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee in Wairarapa.


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