Local government reform


Local government reform

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s application to create a new Wellington Council to replace the region’s nine existing councils has been lodged with the Local Government Commission.

The Application for Local Government Reorganisation proposes a shared governance model that will see the council made up of a governing body and local boards.

The application was submitted following detailed analysis and consultation, including that carried out by the Local Government Reform Working Party.

Application for Local Government Organisation (PDF, 1.68MB)

Appendices to the application

Appendix 1: Suggested Ward Boundaries

Appendix 2: Public Feedback on Possible Models, May 2013

Appendix 3: Greater Wellington Socio-Demographic Profile 1986-2031

Appendix 4: Martin Jenkins Report, March 2013

Appendix 5: Legal advice, 2013

Appendix 6: Joint Working Party Report, March 2013

Appendix 7: Wellington Region Economic Profile -  Infometrics Report, 2013

Appendix 8: Submissions Analysis Wellington Region Governance Review, August 2011

Appendix 9: Manawhenua Iwi Views on Local Government Reorganisation in the Wellington Region

Appendix 10: Letter re Financial Allocation, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, February 2013

Appendix 11: Martin Jenkins Wairarapa Report and GWRC Response

Appendix 12: Letters in support of application to LGC

Appendix 13: NZ Transport Agency letter on local government reform

Appendix 14: Report of the Wellington Region Local Government Review Panel, October 2012




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