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Regional agency getting in behind business

Regional agency getting in behind business

Recent economic data showing the greater Wellington region lagging the rest of the country in several key measures highlights the challenge facing the region’s new economic development arm.

GWRC Chair Fran Wilde says the Wellington Region Economic Development Agency, or WREDA, that was launched late last year, has identified the export sector as a key area for economic growth.

“Exports have been falling in recent years and are now just 17% of GDP, compared to a national average of 30%,” she says. “We’ve got to turn this around.

“We’ve got world class digital, creative and manufacturing industries in the urban areas, and agriculture and viticulture is hugely important in Wairarapa. The Wairarapa Water Use Project is investigating potential for water storage and distribution in the area, which is a key initiative to

help Wairarapa achieve its export potential.

“We also need to look at things like easing access to investment capital and ensuring a supply of workers with the right skills.

”It’s an exciting challenge, but the rewards for the region will be worth the effort.”

WREDA brings together the functions of GWRC’s economic

development arm Grow Wellington with Wellington City Council entities Positively Wellington Tourism, Positively Wellington Venues and Major Events, to create a single economic development agency for the region.

A website is being developed but you can find out more at