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Park notices

Park notices

Updated 17 March 2020 2:44pm

Water at Queen Elizabeth Park

Posted 2/3/20

Queen Elizabeth Park currently has no water at the MacKays Crossing entrance due to an accident occurring with the water tanks. There are currently no working toilets, however the toilets at the other end of the park are still available to use and we will be getting portaloos in as soon as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and will let you know when the water is back up and running. This may take a couple of weeks, but keep an eye on Facebook and our website for more information.

Coastal track maintenance update

Posted 4/12/19

We've heard your comments and we want to let you know we are working hard on getting the northern end of the coastal track in Queen Elizabeth Park realigned as soon as possible. We wanted to be extra sure that the work we do wasn't going to impact the environment around the track, which meant delays in getting things kicked off. We need the right conditions now to do the work and so we will have to wait until after summer. We are really sorry about the delay but we want to do the work correctly and at the right time so we don't have to spend more money and time fixing things again later. We will keep you all updated as we get things moving! Thanks for your patience!

Wainui stream update

Posted 16/10/19

We’ve got an update on the Wainui Stream slip in Queen Elizabeth Park. This stream is regionally significant with a good population of native fish. Because of this we are working with specialists to ensure the stream bank repairs are done in a way that reduces any impact on them. We are in the process of getting a consent to allow repairs in early 2020. We have to wait until then so we minimise any impact on the  breeding season of the fish in the stream.

Thanks for your patience, we will keep you updated as we go and in the meantime, please continue to be careful on this track.

For any inquiries please contact one of the Queen Elizabeth Park Rangers on 0800 496 734.