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Pure Learning for South Wairarapa Students

Pure Learning for South Wairarapa Students


Turning muddy water clean, just as our wetlands do, was one of several absorbing activities South Wairarapa primary school students shared at a Matariki celebration earlier this month.

Children, parents and teachers gathered in Featherston to enjoy hands-on science, kite-making, games and story-telling.

“The students at our Mataraki event are passionate about the school-focussed environment projects they are involved in. The opportunity to share learning about the wider local environment was fantastic,” said Wairarapa Enviroschools Facilitator Esther Dijkstra.

“Students examined the cultural and environmental significance of neighbouring Lake Wairarapa and its’ wetlands. They saw how plants purify water and learnt how important Kahaki (fresh water mussel) are as water purifiers and as a food source to people who lived around the lake.”

Children heard about Nukupewapewa, a Wairarapa chief, who used a kite to lower a warrior into an enemy pa and open the gates. Students constructed their own kites from natural materials.