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Public transport

Public transport

Updated 29 November 2018 1:18pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) manages the Metlink public transport network with support from central government. Passengers, ratepayers and road users all help fund it.

The network includes a comprehensive range of bus services, five passenger rail lines and the harbour ferry service. GWRC is also responsible for public transport infrastructure including railway stations, bus and ferry shelters, signage and Park & Ride facilities.

We’re building a world standard, low emission public transport network to take greater Wellington into the future.

We want to become a smarter, cleaner region by encouraging more people to travel by bus, train and ferry, especially at peak times. So we’re making extensive improvements to the Metlink network to deliver faster, affordable, more frequent and reliable services. It’s all about providing a better public transport experience to make greater Wellington even greater.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride facilities are available at, or near railway stations. When you catch the train you can park your car for free.

Currently there is at least one disabled car park in each Park and Ride. Greater Wellington recently adopted a policy of providing a minimum of two spaces for disabled car parks. These will appear as each car park is resurfaced or rebuilt.

Total Mobility

If you have a permanent disability which prevents you from using public transport, you may be eligible for taxi discounts through the Total Mobility Scheme. For more information about how to apply, phone 0800 801 700.