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Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 2014

Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 2014

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This Consultation is closed.

The open period ran from 12:00am 04 April 2014 to 12:00am 10 May 2014 (closed 3 years ago).

Thanks to all those who gave us feedback on the draft Regional Public Transport Plan during the consultation process.

The final Regional Public Transport Plan was adopted by Council on 26 June 2014 and will be available on this website and in hardcopy by 24 July 2014.

You can order a printed copy of the final Regional Public Transport Plan 2014 by calling 0800 496 734.

Final summary of submissions - July 2014

Wellington bus fleet options Q&As - June 2014

About the plan

The regional public transport plan will be the region’s plan for public transport services and is our blueprint for an easier-to-use and more sustainable public transport network

The plan proposes several significant changes to improve the region’s public transport, including:

  • Redesigned train services giving people more travel options
  • Simpler bus network with more coverage
  • Modernising our bus fleet
  • Simpler fares with standard discounts across the network

Simpler bus network with more coverage

The proposed Wellington City bus network in the draft regional plan is simpler, has fewer routes with few overlaps, more frequent services in areas with high demand and more use of suburban hubs for low-demand services.

The proposed network will deliver:

  • Greater access - 75% of residents, compared to 45% currently, will live within 1km of a high-frequency route
  • More frequent off-peak services in 15 suburbs
  • New weekend services in 10 suburbs
  • Services running later in the evening in 10 suburbs
  • Easier to understand network reducing routes from 43 to 34
  • Fewer buses travelling through the Golden Mile.

Proposed public transport network maps


Lower Hutt


Upper Hutt


Wellington City

Find out more about the proposed Wellington City bus network and bus routes by surbub

Modernising our bus fleet

As part of the regional public transport plan the Council will be looking at options for modernising our bus fleet. We’re looking at a range of options including, diesel, hybrid, and electric and will be evaluating the options based on how well they meet a range of criteria including the network’s needs, their cost, and their environmental impact.

Fleet options include:

  1. Current mix of diesel and trolleys, and new trolleys
  2. Modern diesel buses
  3. Hybrid buses
  4. Electric buses

Evaluating the impact of different bus fleet configurations - PwC report April 2014

More detail on the significant changes to improve the region's transport is available in the draft plan and summary document.

Draft Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan 2014 (4.09MB, pdf)

Draft Regional Public Transport Plan summary (3.3MB, pdf) 

Accessible version

Below is an accessible pdf version of the Draft Regional Public Transport Plan.

Introduction 641KB

Section 1: About this plan 1MB

Section 2: Wellington's public transport system  3MB

Section 3: Improving public transport: overview and timeline   691KB

Section 4: Major initiatives  7.55MB

Section 5: Achieving our goals: policies and actions  737KB

Section 6: Implementation and review  106KB

Section 7: Glossary, appendices and submission form  4.3MB

If you unable to attend the public meetings on the draft plan, you can still view the presentation.




The consultation is now closed and no further submissions can be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in this process

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