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Proposed Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan

Proposed Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan

Updated 10 July 2019 4:31pm

Download a copy of the Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan.

Want to find out what proposals are near your property? Check out the Te Kāuru Interactive GIS map to find out.


The Te Kāuru catchment includes the Upper Ruamāhanga River upstream of the Waiohine confluence, and its tributaries the Waipoua, Waingawa, Taueru, Whangaehu and Kopuaranga Rivers.

The catchment has a history of flooding, which can be dangerous and cause damage to private property and community assets.

Processes for managing flooding and erosion have been in place for some time. After working with community representatives we realised our plans could do more to reflect wider local values and we want to take a long-term view of managing the whole catchment’s flood and erosion issues.

The process for developing this Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) was done in three broad phases:

Phase 1

  • Establish the context
  • Define the issues, values and objectives
  • Identify the flood hazard
  • Collect information

Phase 2

  • Identify, assess and select management options through the Te Kāuru Subcommittee

Phase 3

  • Achieve sustainable solutions
  • Prepare Floodplain Management Plan

A Floodplain Management Plan

A floodplain management plan is a living document that describes the approach to flood and river management over the next 30 – 40 years. It describes various types of responses and methods that will be used for flood and erosion protection in the Te Kāuru catchment. The various responses and methods include both structural and non-structural measures. Periodically, we will assess the outcomes of this floodplain management plan and review our plan accordingly.

What are we doing? The Te Kāuru Approach

The proposed FMP will allow rivers more space to flow naturally and freedom to move. We have been working with the community and its representatives for several years on a plan that not only helps to protect from current and future flood and erosion risks, but also better reflects local values.

A wide range of community values have been recognised in the plan and as part of that we are proposing to spread the share of the local costs of river management works across the wider community instead of asking neighbouring landowners to pay. Te Kāuru outlines how this change in costs may work.

A lot of the responses outline in the proposed FMP build on what we are already doing to manage flood and erosion risks. It’s important to remember that the proposed Te Kāuru FMP outlines a long-term approach to flooding and erosion issues that could take decades to implement and changes will not be visible right away.

More information and reports can be found in the document library to the left. If you would like a hard copy of any of the documents, including the proposed Floodplain Management Plan, or would like more information contact us at