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Proposed Changes to the Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan

Proposed Changes to the Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan

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This Consultation is closed.

The open period ran from 8:00am 22 April 2016 to 5:00pm 17 June 2016 (closed 2 years ago).

Two minor amendments to the overarching Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan are proposed. These proposed amendments will ensure that the Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan remains current, adapting to changing circumstances and increase knowledge as required by the Reserves Act (section 41(4)).

What are the amendments?

Revised maximum stay period at campgrounds

The current maximum length of time campers can stay at Greater Wellington parks is seven days. However, many families currently stay for longer during school holiday periods and this is considered to be appropriate.

We are proposing longer stays for campers. This will extend the length of time from 7 days to 14 days from 20 December - 31 January.

These changes will allow longer camping stays in popular campgrounds such as Kaitoke Regional Park, but also limit the undesirable opportunity for campers to establish a more permanent base in the park with a maximum annual limit of 40 days per 12 month period.

Download the camping policy proposed changes.

The removal of the Stratton Street, Belmont Regional Park entrance as a ‘designated camping area’ is also proposed. This area has little flat land available for camping and limited parking. It is now the mountain biking entrance hub for the park.

Revised Map for Akatarawa Forest

The Akatarawa Recreational Access Committee (ARAC) represents 4WD and motorcycle interests in the Akatarawa Forest. ARAC have worked closely with Greater Wellington Regional Council officers over several years to map and determine which of the previously unmapped tracks should be officially approved for motorised recreation access.

We are proposing a revised map of the Akatarawa Forest into the Parks Network Plan. This revised map will show existing trails not previously mapped, but regularly used by motorised recreation vehicles.

Download the revised map for Akatarawa Forest.

Have Your Say

To have your say on the proposed amendments to the Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan, email your feedback to

If you wish to discuss the proposed amendments with a Parks Officer, please contact Fiona (04 830 4153) or Jimmy Young, Principal Ranger (04 830 4420).

The consultation is now closed and no further submissions can be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in this process

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