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Proposal to subdivide two parcels of land

Proposal to subdivide two parcels of land

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This Consultation is closed.

The open period ran from 8:00am 01 September 2018 to 5:00pm 01 October 2018 (closed 1 year ago).

We are proposing to subdivide two parcels of land located at opposite sides of Belmont Regional Park; one parcel of land is at Belmont and the other at Waitangirua.

The land is classified as Recreation Reserve under the Reserves Act 1977. To enable the land to be subdivided and sold, the reserve classification will first be revoked.

We are consulting on our decision to request the Department of Conservation to revoke the recreation reserve status over the land described in the first and second schedule to our public notice.

The land we are seeking to revoke the reserve status of is shown in these maps:

  1. First Schedule Wellington Land District – Hutt City
  2. Second Schedule Wellington Land District – Porirua City

Both houses and their associated sites are no longer required for farm and/or Park management purposes. They are considered surplus to GWRC’s requirements.

Physically, the house sites are disconnected from the wider park. They offer little or no ecological or recreational benefits and more naturally form a part of their neighbouring residential environments.

While the houses would provide a holding return to GWRC, these returns will be minimal given the significant upgrade required to the Hill Road house and the ongoing maintenance and management costs for both houses.

Sale of these properties (land and improvements) will maximise GWRC’s return and enable the sale proceeds to be reinvested more appropriately within the wider regional parks network for the greater benefits of the community.

Once reserve status is revoked, it is intended both parcels of reserve will be subdivided and disposed of by Greater Wellington Regional Council in such manner and on terms and conditions as the Council determines. Funds gained from sale of the land will be reinvested back into park improvements.

Any person objecting to this proposal is called upon to lodge an objection in writing to Parks Planning, Greater Wellington Regional Council, PO Box 11646, Wellington 6142, or emailing on or before 1 October 2018.

The consultation is now closed and no further submissions can be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in this process

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