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Porirua‘s employment growth to continue

Porirua‘s employment growth to continue

Porirua City’s employment and business growth is projected to increase at a higher a rate than the Wellington regional average.

This trend is identified in a recently released economic projections report by Berl for the Wellington Regional Strategy Office at GWRC, which looked at employment and industry activity for the region out to 2041.

This report shows Porirua bucking the business as usual trend for the region which has projected growth below the national average.

Future growth builds off business and residential developments over the last 15 years in particular. Based on this, employment numbers for Porirua are projected to grow to over 27,000 by 2041 compared with 14,300 in 2013.

However, to achieve such strong employment growth, Porirua city would need to increase its resident population beyond expected levels or increase the number of people that commute to the area to work.

Additional population also means more housing. “Residential development and additional local infrastructure is proposed in the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan currently out for consultation,” says Porirua’s Economic Development Manager Chris Lipscombe. “Like we did with the Aotea Block, the council is planning for future growth.”

GWRC is leading a regional spatial planning exercise intended to assist Porirua and other councils in shaping future land use, infrastructure and employment requirements.

Employment growth will be more evident in infrastructure, distribution and business services industries. Over time this could lead to skill shortages which need to be planned for. Conversely employment is expected to decline in sectors like manufacturing.

The Wellington Regional Strategy Office is hosted by Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The full report Growth Scenarios for the Wellington Region: Towards 2041 is available on