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Pinehaven Notified Consent Application

Pinehaven Notified Consent Application

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It opened 8:00am 19 November 2019
and will close 4:30pm 18 December 2019
(9 days away from closing)

Greater Wellington Regional Council and Upper Hutt City Council have received an application for a resource consent and Notice of Requirement from Wellington Water Limited. Wellington Water Limited has made the application on behalf of Upper Hutt City Council, for structural works associated with the implementation of the Pinehaven Floodplain Management Plan.

Summary of the proposal

The works are proposed over a length of approximately 1,200m in the lower catchment of the Pinehaven Stream. This extends from the Pinehaven Reserve to the inlet where the Pinehaven Stream is piped to the Hulls Creek.

The purpose of the works is to reduce flood risk from the Pinehaven Stream to the surrounding area. 

The works will increase the capacity of the stream and its tributaries to a 1 in 25 year return period, reduce risk of injury or harm from flood flows, integrate overland flow paths into the stormwater network, and enable efficient and effective construction and ongoing maintenance of the structures.

The proposed works are intended to be completed in stages. It is anticipated that construction for stream improvement works will occur over 18 months but may take up to 2 years to complete.

View the resource consents sought from GWRC, Application documents and submission documents on Have Your Say. We welcome anyone to make a submission on this application. You are required to register your submission no later than 4.30pm on Wednesday 18 December 2019.