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Performance measures

Performance measures

Updated 3 October 2014 9:26am

Our ten year Long-term Plan (LTP) 20012-22 outlines our targets for water supply over that period and how we propose to achieve them.  A summary of our achievements in relation to LTP targets is published in an annual report covering all council activities. To view these documents see our Document Library under Our Services.

A more detailed Water supply annual report is also produced annually. See our Document Library under Our Services.

Quality and environmental management

We operate an integrated management system to support our goal of providing high quality water in a cost effective and environmentally responsible way. This management system is based on a process of continuous review and improvement. We hold quality-management system certification to international standard ISO 9001:2008 and environmental-management system certification to international standard ISO 14001:2004. Our quality and environmental policy is available to view.  To view the detail of our management system objectives and targets, and our progress in relation to the targets, see our Water Supply Annual Report (located under our Document Library, under Our Services).