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Parks policy and planning documents

Parks policy and planning documents

Updated 24 October 2020 11:58am


Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan 

The Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan (the Parks Network Plan) sets the direction for managing regional parks and forests (parks) in the Wellington Region. It provides a common framework for addressing issues that arise in the different parks. The plan highlights the unique nature and values of individual parks.  It represents an understanding between Greater Wellington Regional Council and the community about the way in which the parks network should be managed.

View & give feedback on the draft Toitū Te Whenua Parks Network Plan 2020-30.

The Parks Network Plan covers:

The Parks Network Plan became operative in 2011 and replaced all other Management Plans for the regional parks and forest lands. The Parks Network Plan must be reviewed every ten years, unless a review or variation is initiated earlier by:

  • Results from monitoring that indicate the need for a change or review
  • The identification of new management issues, problems or activities that are not addressed in the plan but for which policy is required
  • Changes in national policy including new or amended laws, regulations or other actions which may render the plan inoperable or illegal
  • Policy changes made by Greater Wellington Regional Council that affect the way parks are managed
  • New parks purchased or land placed under the control of Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Treaty of Waitangi settlements that require changes in the way that management occurs or decisions are made

As many of the parks covered by the Parks Network Plan, or areas within them, are reserves held under the Reserves Act 1977, the process for reviewing the Parks Network Plan must be done in accordance with section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977.