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Move it for Movin’March

Move it for Movin’March


Fancy feet, fancy school gates, fancy that? It must be Movin’March – a celebration of children and families who walk, scoot, skate or cycle to school.

“Travelling to and from school on foot or on a bike, skateboard or scooter is not only fun, freeing and makes you feel good, it also gives you the chance to learn essential road safety skills and be independent,” says Melanie Thornton, Wellington Regional Council’s Sustainable Transport Manager.

Schools throughout the region are taking part in Movin’March week, from 23-27 March, that involves a range of fun activities in and out of the classroom, from charting how students get to school through to learning how bicycle gears work.

School gates and kids’ footwear will be transformed into bright, funky works of art as part of the celebration.

All students will be encouraged to walk, scoot or cycle to school on “All In Day” on Wednesday 25 March. “Even kids who get driven to school each day can get dropped off a few blocks further away and join the others on foot for the rest of the way.”

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