Mountain biking and cycling

Mountain biking and cycling

With its wide open spaces and challenging forest tracks, Belmont Regional Park draws mountain bikers from all over the region and beyond.

Please keep to the designated cycle tracks, use gates and stiles, be considerate to others and give way to walkers.

Note that the Duck Creek Track on the western side of the park is closed to mountain bikers as it is the main farm access road for vehicles and livestock.

Danzig Loop

  • 9 km
  • 1-2 hours

From the Stratton Street carpark, go back up Stratton Street and follow Cottle Park Drive and Normandale Road to the start of Old Coach Road. Ride about 1.5 km along this historic road formation then take a left-hand turn down the 2 km Danzig Track back to Stratton Street.

Kilmister Loop

  • 12 km
  • 2-3 hours return

From the end of Hill Road, ride up through Waitangirua Farm past WWII ammunition bunkers, before heading right at the fork, passing more historic bunkers and descending towards Belmont Road. Take the right fork towards Boulder Hill then follow the signposted track along a stream and back to Hill Road.

Dry Creek Loop

  • 9 km return
  • 1-2 hours

From the Dry Creek entrance, ride up a zigzag track on the valley's south side to a farm road. Take the track's right-hand fork to go through farmland and manuka forest before descending the north side of the Dry Creek valley back to the carpark.

Belmont Dress Circle

  • 13.5 km return
  • 2-4 hours

Starting at the Stratton Street entrance, follow the farm track up the valley past an old woolshed then up the Danzig Track to Old Coach Road. Continue left around the head of the valley to Round Knob, Cannon's Head and then to Belmont Trig, or take a shorter route via Middle Ridge. From Belmont Trig, take the farm track back to Stratton Street, watching out for walkers, horse riders, or other mountain bikers. You will have great views of Porirua and the Hutt Valley from the ridge tops.

Belmont Trig and Korokoro Valley

  • 12 km one way
  • 2-5 hours

From Stratton Street, this challenging route climbs up towards Belmont Trig before a steep and narrow descent into the Korokoro Valley. Follow the Korokoro Stream track down either to Cornish Street (to SH2) or go up to Oakleigh Street and back to Stratton Street via Dowse Drive. Watch out for walkers in the Korokoro Valley.

Puke Ariki / Haywards Korokoro Traverse

  • 22km
  • Medium/ hard grade
  • 3-4 hours

Take the challenge! This rewarding half day mountain bike ride traverses the length of Belmont Regional Park. Starting at the Dry Creek Haywards entrance the track rises to Boulder Hill (442m) and runs over undulating farmland to the Airstrip, Round Knob, Cannons Head and Belmont Trig. The track then descends into the Korokoro Valley and exits at Cornish St in Petone. Along the way is a diverse range of landforms and vegetation, from farmland to native forest.

Return via the Hutt River Trail or via the train from Petone railway station. Go prepared for all conditions, take warm, windproof clothing, strong lace-up footwear and sufficient food and drink for your ride.


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