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Mill Creek Compliance

Mill Creek Compliance

Updated 28 October 2014 9:57am

What you will find on this page

One this page you will find critical compliance information that GWRC has received and assessed as part of the Mill Creek Wind farm compliance monitoring programme.  In summary we receive and assess information on:

  • Stream water quality monitoring
  • Stream bed sedimentation monitoring
  • Stream invertebrate monitoring
  • Makara Estuary benthic community biological monitoring
  • Makara Estuary bed sediment accumulation rate monitoring

What is GWRC’s role in the project?

GWRC's principal role is a regulator. We determine if Meridian are complying with the consent conditions as set down by the Environment Court.

We also respond to complaints about the project, and investigate as necessary.

Compliance information – Makara Estuary

Meridian are required to carry out the following sampling at the Estuary every 6 months

  • BIOLOGICAL SAMPLING – This involves surveying and analysis of taxa found in the estuary
  • SEDIMENTATION AND EROSION DATA COLLECTION – This involves monitoring the rates of sedimentation in the estuary.

The plan and reports we have received and assessed are attached below

Makara Estuary Monitoring Report - Spring 2013 (3.3 MB)

Makara Estuary Monitoring Report - Autumn 2013 (2.3 MB)

Makara Estuary Baseline and Construction Monitoring Plan (1.1 MB)

Compliance information – Stream water quality

Water quality monitoring

Spring 2013
Summer 2013/14
January 2014
April 2014
June 2014 (Deposited sediment)
July 2014

Makura Estuary

Autumn 2014