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Major roadworks at Porirua Station interchange: all bus stops relocated

Major roadworks at Porirua Station interchange: all bus stops relocated

Porirua bus commuters can soon say bye bye to a bumpy ride to and from Porirua Station as Station Road is about to get dug up and replaced with a heavy duty concrete surface.

The road, which runs between Lyttleton Ave and Porirua Station, is used by hundreds of buses each day and is prone to potholing. 

 High quality kerbing will also be installed.

The work is planned to start within the next few weeks and Station Road will be closed to all vehicles for about four months. The bus stops will be relocated to stops on either side of Lyttelton Ave, between Station Road and Ferry Place. Details of which services will come and go from each stop will be available soon.

Bus commuters will need to factor the walking distance – three to six minutes - between Porirua Station and the bus stops into their travel time. If you need to be at workor at an appointment at a certain time, you should plan to catch an earlier bus to the station.

 Parking on Station Road will return when the work is complete but conditions of parking will most likely change.

Parking in Lyttelton Ave, just southof Ferry Place, will also be reduced temporarily to accommodate the large number of buses that will be using the area.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause and will keep you informed of progress.

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