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Korokoro valley track opens

Korokoro valley track opens

Track After 2

The Korokoro valley track in Belmont Regional Park is again open to the public following extensive work after last year’s floods.

Placement of a new bridge on Tuesday 19 April 2016 was the last of major repairs Greater Wellington Regional Council has undertaken since the floods damaged almost every structure in the valley.

“We’re so excited to see this part of the valley open again for all our regular visitors, and also for the many new users we expect to come and see it for themselves," says Amanda Cox, Parks Manager.

“The hard work our teams and contractors have done has meant that almost anyone now can enjoy this spectacular landscape so close to Lower Hutt and Wellington city. We had a big challenge to meet here and it’s an achievement we are hugely proud of."

The resulting changes improve access for everyone and will also help provide more cost-effective maintenance in the future by enabling access for our maintenance teams.

This lower Korokoro track up to the dams is the most popular track in the park so it’s great it is now open again nearly a year after the floods.