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Kev the Kiwi

Kev the Kiwi

Updated 3 December 2017 9:46pm

Join Kev the Kiwi as he explores your regional parks!

Our Kev the Kiwi programme is a fun and exciting way to get active in your Regional Parks. In collaboration with Upper Hutt City Council and Hutt City Council, Kev travels around the region encouraging children and adults alike to get out and about in green spaces.

Events happen each Thursday in January during the school holidays. These events typically involve a short walk (all are buggy friendly) and games session with the kids. Kev will be there to spread some cheer and spot prizes are given out.

Kev the Kiwi Events:

Kev the Kiwi goes for a Buggy Walk

Kev the Kiwi goes to Avalon Park

Kev the Kiwi goes on an Adventure

Kev the Kiwi explores Gums Loop