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Keeping warm and healthy

Keeping warm and healthy

Updated 18 July 2012 3:20pm

As well as polluting the air, home fires can be about the most inefficient form of heating you could choose. Cold and damp homes also make you more prone to illness, especially in winter. To keep warm and healthy in your home, consider cleaner and more efficient alternatives like heat pumps, pellet burners, flued gas heaters and certain types of electric heaters. (Note, un-flued gas heaters cause condensation and dampness, and emit poisonous gases.)

Insulation is also important. Traditionally, New Zealand homes weren’t designed for warmth and need insulating. Adding insulation keeps you warm, reduces the amount of heat you need to generate and can save you money in heating costs.

Remember the following:

  • Install under floor and ceiling insulation. 40% of warmth could be escaping from an uninsulated ceiling
  • Thick curtains keep heat in. Close your curtains around sunset
  • Plug draughts under doors and around windows
  • Keep doors shut
  • Block off un-used open fires.

See more information about energy efficiency and order the EECA brochure “Getting Warmer by Degrees”.