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Keep connected in the capital with WellyWifi

Keep connected in the capital with WellyWifi


If you’ve been out and about throughout the Wellington region, you may have wondered about the “WellyWiFi” signal coming up on your smart phone.

WellyWiFi is a free internet service that provides a limited amount of data, 100MBs a day, to help Wellingtonians and visitors stay connected. Whether it’s googling a good restaurant, checking the bus timetables, or sending a selfie of yourself with the red pandas at the zoo, WellyWifi has you covered.

To connect to WellyWifi, simply go to the internet connections in your phone, choose WellyWifi and push “accept” to show that you accept the terms and conditions. It’s that simple. There’s no registering or forms to fill out, simply click and go.

A joint initiative between the regional council and the eight city and district councils that make up the Wellington region, WellyWifi is growing in availability and will soon spread to be available in hot spots throughout the region.

Some popular connection spots at the moment include:

• Wellington Zoo

• Wellington Botanic Gardens

• Keith Spry Pool