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Join a community care group

Join a community care group

Updated 18 July 2012 9:21am

There are opportunities for individuals, groups and businesses to work on environmental projects that contribute to the health and restoration of our region's ecosystems, including the following:

  • rivers and streams
  • wetlands and lakes
  • estuaries
  • dunes
  • coastal escarpments.

Care groups do it all; from weed removal to re-vegetation. Sometimes from bare ground to thriving ecosystem. If getting down and dirty and planting trees isn't your thing there are many other ways you can become involved with a care group: helping care group meetings run smoothly, publishing a newsletter, creating a website for a care group, running community awareness programmes or working with schools.

Explore this website to learn about the group nearest you! Find out what the groups do, and some background on each project. We have even included links to some of the groups websites.Lots of people of all ages, backgrounds and with varying skills have volunteered to help with environmental projects in our region. These fantastic people all havesomething in common - they care about their local environment and want to see it healthy and in good condition.

Take Care groups form when a group of people want to work together to help the environment.