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John’s Keene as mustard

John’s Keene as mustard


John Keene hadn’t been on a bike for about a year, and had never been a cycle commuter. But recently taking part in GWRC’s walking and cycling challenge, a2b GO!, spurred him to get back in the saddle and on the road to work.

Cycling into Wellington from Lower Hutt almost every workday since February, John has seen the bike ride as his “me” time. In addition John has lost 4 kgs and feels more motivated, and more organised time-wise. He gets home from work earlier, so has more time to spend with his kids, and the petrol savings mean while he gets fitter, his wallet gets fatter.

John plans to carry on biking at least 2-3 days per week throughout winter, so he checked out the best lights available. Very happy with his front and rear set of lights, he’s also improving his side-on visibility with reflective tape on his bike and helmet.

For FREE reflective tape and slap bands, send a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Sustainable Transport Team, GWRC, PO Box 11646, Wellington 6142.