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Increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists (vulnerable road users)

Increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists (vulnerable road users)

Updated 13 February 2020 12:54pm

Target: The number of vulnerable road user casualties (cyclists and pedestrians) killed and seriously injured annually against

a 5 year rolling average (CAS data). The target is at least a 50% reduction of the 2009-2013 average.

The number of cyclists & pedestrians seriously injured on the region's road network (2005-2018) and RLTP target.
Source: CAS, NZ Transport Agency

The figure shows the number of pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured on the region’s roads. This indicator uses a five year rolling average to monitor annual change, the most recent data is for 2014-2018.

Pedestrian and cyclist casualties increased between 2005 and 2008 with some variability in the number of casualties between 2008 and 2018. The actual number killed or seriously injured was 67 in 2018, which is above the five year rolling average of 56 (2014-2018). The rolling average trend-line shows that although serious casualty numbers have fluctuated since 2010, the overall trend shows increasing numbers of casualties.  The RLTP target of 28 casualties or below (in 2025) will be difficult to achieve if this trend continues.