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Updated 2 April 2019 9:29am

East Harbour Hunting Ballot

Dates: 28 March  - 30 April (No hunting on Wednesdays)

Recreational Hunting will be happening in the Gollans Valley area of East Harbour Regional Park see map below.

There will be a maximum of two hunters in the area and there will be no hunting on Wednesdays.

Pig Hunting Permits are available - valid from 1 May through to 30 September each year

Greater Wellington Regional Council offers the opportunity for members of the public to undertake pig hunting in East Harbour Regional Park. Permits will be issued for a 5 month period each year from 1 May to 30 September.

The hunting will play a part in controlling animals in the park, and also provide an opportunity for the recreational hunting of pigs within a designated hunting area in the Northern Forest Block.

Permits for non-firearm use will be issued on application. Please note Bow Hunters are also prohibited. Dog registration numbers or micro-chip numbers are required prior to permits being issued (maximum of 3 dogs).

Please email to apply for a permit.