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Updated 19 June 2014 1:32pm



Scientific name: Coprosma tenuicaulis

Wetland plant group: Shrub from the coffee family

Plant growth form: Up to 3m tall

Flowering: Summer

Related species: Two other small-leaved Coprosma species grow in wetlands in the Wellington region: C. propinqua and C. rigida.

Hukihuki, or swamp coprosma, is a dense small-leafed shrub that can tolerate some shade. The leaves have a conspicuous network of veins. The flowers are white and wind-pollinated. Small, round, black fruit appear in autumn.

Related species in the Wellington region's wetlands can be easily distinguished from hukihuki because C. propinqua has thick, narrow leaves and blue or white fruit, while C. rigida branches at right angles and has yellow fruit.