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Harbour management

Harbour management

Updated 28 August 2017 10:13am

The Harbourmaster and his team work to ensure all water users are able to share in use of our waterways in a safe manner.

We provide safe and efficient maritime management for commercial and recreational users of our region's waters.

We operate a 24-hour harbour communication station, operate and maintain navigation aids in the region, manage mooring areas and respond to marine oil spills.

The waters of our region extend from the Otaki River in the west to the Mataikona River north of Castlepoint in the east.

Restricted Zone North East of Point Halswell (July 2017)

Wellington Regional Harbourmaster Grant Nalder has directed on 7 July 2017 that no vessel, which is not directly related to the work of the barge Tuhura, may enter into or remain within the areas defined below without the prior permission of the Harbourmaster. Attention is also drawn to the wave height measuring buoy located in approximate position 41o 16.30’ South, 174o 50.20’ East and vessels are asked to keep clear of this.

An area of Wellington Harbour that is within a circle of 150 metres diameter, centred on the jack-up barge Tuhura. In addition, a 50 metre diameter circle around the nearby mooring for the tug, usually Capricorn Alpha, that is servicing the barge. The barge is currently at location 41o 16.69’ South, 174o50.44’ East and at some stage may move to position 41o 16.30’ South and 174o 50.28’ East.

These directions apply to all vessels. This direction is issued pursuant to section 33F of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, to define areas North East of Point Halswell, and prescribe the manner in which the vessels will navigate within this area.

Greater Wellington Regional Council shall not, in any case, be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the negligence of the master or crew of any vessel to which this direction applies, or for any loss, damage or incident involving the vessel. The Harbourmaster can be contacted at or 04 830 4160

Restricted Zone Wellington Wharves (July 2017)

After advice from Centreport that the shoreside area within this exclusion zone has been successfully stabilised the Harbourmaster’s direction restricting access around the port area is cancelled and the restricted access area removed. 

Vessels may use this area subject to normal bylaws and safe boating practice. Small vessels are reminded to keep well clear of commercial ships and tugs when they are manoeuvring in this area.

The two yellow marker buoys will remain in place until our contractor has the opportunity to remove them.


Grant Nalder

Regional Harbourmaster

How to contact us

During office hours you can contact us on 04 830 4160 or 0800 496 734.

Our office is on the first floor of the Meridian Building on Queens Wharf.

After hours for urgent matters, eg marine oil spill or unsafe boating behaviour, you can contact us on  04 388 1911 or 04 473 4547.

E-mail is  (this is only monitored during office hours.)

The Harbourmaster and his team work to ensure all water users are able to share in use of our waterways in a safe manner.