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Forest news - 2019

Forest news - 2019

Updated 4 October 2019 10:48am

Remutaka Rail Trail – Siberia Stream Bridge Construction Oct-Dec 2019

The Department of Conservation has been working for the last two years to provide a bridged crossing over Siberia Stream, near the summit of the Remutaka Rail Trail. This bridge is to improve the safety and experience of the public when using the Remutaka Rail Trail.

Bridge construction is planned to begin from 7 October with completion expected before Christmas.

Typically the bridge construction will not interfere with public use of the track. There will be occasions when access past the site will be restricted - for hours, rather than days, while hazardous activities are underway (rock anchor drilling, pouring concrete and stressing cable etc). Our contractor will work to assist the public past where possible.

Notification of any access restrictions will be made in advance and advertised on the Greater Wellington website and social media. Signage will also be in place at each end of the trail (Cross Creek and Kaitoke Carpark) and at the Summit Yard.

Mangaroa Forest update 23/9/19

Good news! Mangaroa Forest in the Pakuratahi Forest will be open again to the public on 28 September for limited access on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. We ask that you please obey all Greater Wellington signage and do not go past the no public access areas, for your safety. We will have signs out so you know where you can go. If you would like any further information, please call our forest ranger on 027 478 8106.

Toilet construction in Tunnel Gully

A new flush toilet is being put in Pakuratahi Forest around the upper area of Tunnel Gully. The work to install this will begin on the 27 of May and the area will be fenced off for health and safety reasons for two to three weeks. There will still be plenty of park open for you to enjoy and you can look forward to a new toilet coming soon!

Maymorn Forest – 2019

The 48 hectare section of Pakuratahi Forest between Maymorn and Tunnel Gully is now finished being harvested. This means that access is open again for our visitors. All detour signs have been removed from the site and traffic is free to pass through again.

Mangaroa Forest – harvesting 2019-2021

A section of Pakuratahi Forest at the Colletts Road entrance in Mangaroa, Upper Hutt, will be harvested starting December 2018. Preparations for this operation will start 3 December 2018 at which point access to the forest will not be permitted.

7 January 2019 is officially when harvesting is due to begin, and it is expected this 180 hectare area will be completed in early December 2020, if all goes to schedule.

We will be very open with progress and provide updates via social media and this page. Updates will include new maps being printed and displayed at the entrance on Colletts Road to show where current harvesting is taking place.

Any questions? Get in touch with the ranger Dion Ngatoro or call 0800 496 734 or Thane Walls Akatarawa/Pakuratahi Forest Ranger

Greater Wellington is aware of safety concerns raised in a recent consultation meeting by a member of the Upper Hutt community in relation to transporting logs harvested from the Mangaroa Forest.


The regional council’s role in the harvesting and transporting process is limited: it involves resource consenting for the harvest and ensuring safe access for visitors seeking recreation in the Pakuratahi Forest, which encompasses the Mangaroa Forest.


“To ensure public safety in the forest we will provide up-to-date information on logging operations through signage at the Colletts Road park entrance and further information on the perimeter of work sites.


“In effect, that means we will work closely with PF Olsen as they move through the harvesting process, ensuring that clear and appropriate signage is in place to alert the public to closed areas and the presence of logging operations,” says Principal Ranger (East) Jimmy Young.


“The information will regularly change to reflect different locations of the harvesting process, so we will also regularly update the public through our website at We urge the public to keep everyone safe by taking note of and obeying, the signs.”