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Folding bikes

Folding bikes

Updated 25 July 2017 12:18pm

Folding bicycles have been growing in popularity throughout the world for many years. They solve problems of limited space in peak commuter trains, buses, small cars, apartments and offices. For those wanting to integrate cycling with other modes of transport, they provide a level of reliability that cannot be matched by full-size cycles.

Folding bikes can be carried on all Metlink bus and train services provided they are no larger than 82cm long x 69cm high x 39cm wide. The wheel rims must be no more than 51cm in diameter (about a 20 inch wheel).  If wet, we advise carrying your bike in the bag provided.

Folding bikes usually take about 30 seconds to fold or unfold.

Video demonstration of a Dahon being unfolded.

Folding bikes with gears can be ridden at speed when necessary and climb hills, as demonstrated here:

Folding bike race video

Check out how folding bikes fit in with Greater Wellington's public transport services below.