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Flow restrictor trims home energy bill and saves water

Flow restrictor trims home energy bill and saves water


Gerald’s tip was judged the winner of the Wellington Regional Council’s water saving tips competition. As the winner, Gerald’s tip was turned into a cartoon print ad, based on his likeness.

Gerald says that installing the flow restrictor was easy, cheap, and his family is still happy with the quality of flow in their shower.

“We inserted a plastic flow restrictor where our shower hose attaches to its wall fitting. It was easier than changing a washer. The only tool I needed was an adjustable spanner.

“Our gas bill fell significantly - our investment must have paid for itself within a week.”

A packet of flow restrictors costs just a few dollars at any hardware store and Gerald found one with a flow of about 8 litres a minute to suit his family’s needs.

GWRC water supply marketing team leader Andrew Samuel says Gerald’s tip is a great example of how simple water conservation measures can make a big difference to overall water use in the region, and reduce household costs.

“For a relatively small investment, he’s significantly reduced his water use and reported a big saving on the gas bill, which is great news for him and the rest of the region. The more we can reduce water use, the longer we can go before needing another water source, saving ratepayers money.”

The water saving tips competition attracted a range of entries, from fixing leaky taps to saving water used to wash veges, and putting it on the garden.

“It’s great that people are thinking about water conservation all the time and not just in times of drought. Reducing water use will save the region money in the longterm – and with many actions as simple as Gerald’s tip, everyone can make a difference,” Mr Samuel says.

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