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Updated 29 November 2017 8:48am

Pristine natural locations

Pakuratahi river walk

The easy access and pristine natural surroundings of Kaitoke Regional Park have made it a sought after site for movies large and small.

Whether it be a movie trilogy or a one-off commercial, Kaitoke has proven the ideal spot for a range of commercial film projects.

To manage these and other projects and their effects, Greater Wellington operates a system of concessions and fees.

A concession will give you or your organisation the legal right to carry out a filming project in Kaitoke Regional Park. This will prove even more important should you need exclusive use of a site for a certain period of time.

Want to go ahead?

If you wish to film in Kaitoke Regional Park you will need to complete the following forms:

If your filming activity fulfils our criteria for being low budget, for student educational purposes or not-for-profit, then you can apply for a fee waiver.

Please contact the park ranger to discuss your filming proposal.