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Electing a councillor

Electing a councillor

Updated 2 February 2017 10:50am


Who can vote?

Councillors are elected every three years. The last election was on 8 October 2016, elections will be held again in October 2019. The parliamentary electoral roll lists all the people in New Zealand who can vote in the parliamentary elections. If you are on this roll you are automatically enrolled on the relevant council's residential electoral roll, which means that you can also vote at your local regional council and city or district council elections.

You can be a ratepayer elector and apply to get on the ratepayer roll if you own a property in the Wellington region, but live outside the region. You must also be a qualified parliamentary elector at the property in which you live.

If you are not on the ratepayer roll, but you qualify as a ratepayer elector and are interested in voting in the area in which you own property, you will need to apply to go on the ratepayer roll. You can do this by contacting the electoral officer at the city or district council in the area you own property.

If you believe that having your details recorded on the publicly available parliamentary electoral roll could threaten your personal safety, you may request that your particulars not be shown on the roll. You will need to make a separate application to be included on the unpublished (confidential) roll. Application papers are available from your local registrar of electors.

How do I vote?

Greater Wellington Regional Council currently uses postal voting for its elections and voting papers are posted three weeks out from Election Day.

The completed voting documents must be received by 12 noon on the Election Day by the relevant Electoral Officer (an envelope will be supplied with the voting papers).