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Dung beetles

Dung beetles

Updated 20 February 2020 3:01pm

Meet your new farm worker

Copris incertus

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, improving your farm and our environment. And paid in dung.

The benefits of non-native dung beetles

Frequently Asked Questions


Spring/Summer 2019 season of beetles available now.

We are expanding our offer of non-native dung beetles, in partnership with Dung Beetle Innovations.


We offered discounts on dung beetles in the past, unfortunately these are now over. Stay tuned for updates as we may provide more in the future.

You can still order direct through Dung Beetle Innovations.


“I would seriously recommend other farmers invest in dung beetles. It’s a short term cost with a long term benefit.” – Kurt Portas, award-winning farmer at Palliser Ridge Farm

"Dung beetles are able to aerate soil, improve the nutrient cycle and help manage water absorption and dispersion… the potential benefits are amazing!” – Scotty Macdonald, Wairarapa farmer

Hear more from Kurt about how dung beetles are working on his farm in this interview.

  • More available grazing pasture
  • Decreased maintenance time
  • Improved soil health
  • Improved water quality
  • Parasite and pest reduction
  • Government and EPA approved


Read more about the Copris Incertus – our cover beetle – in this factsheet.