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  • Title Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan - Draft - Have Your Say
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    Date published 3 May 2010
    GWRC Publication No GW/PF-G-10/64
    Abstract This plan sets out the direction for managing the regional parks
    and forests (now referred to as 'parks') in the Wellington
    Region.It covers: Akatarawa Forest; Battle Hill Farm Forest
    Park; Belmont Regional Park; East Harbour Regional Park;
    Kaitoke Regional Park; Pakuratahi Forest; Queen Elizabeth
    Park; and Wainuiomata Recreation Area

    The plan provides a framework for addressing issues
    common to these areas and managing them in a
    comprehensive and consistent way. The plan highlights the
    unique nature and values in the different parks, and
    addresses the need for specific management of these areas.
    It represents a common understanding between Greater
    Wellington and the community about the future management
    of the parks network.
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