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  • Title Parks, Forests and Reserves Bylaw 2009
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    Date published 1 June 2009
    GWRC Publication No GW/PF-G-09/145
    Abstract The Council is authorised under section 149 of the Local
    Government Act 2002 to make bylaws managing the use
    of regional parks and forests, and soil conservation and
    rivercontrol reserves that it owns or administers. The
    Local Government Act 2002 also allows the Council to
    make bylaws for flood protection and flood control works.

    The Parks, Forests and Reserves Bylaw 2009 (The Bylaw)
    manages activities so that these parks, forests and
    reserves can be used for their intended purpose without
    users being subject to hazard, nuisance or activities that
    may adversely affect their health, safety and well-being.
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