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  • Title Castlepoint Beach: Fine Scale Monitoring 2007/2008
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    Date published 1 May 2008
    GWRC Publication No GW/EMI-G-08/123
    Abstract This report summarises the results of the 2008 fine scale
    monitoring for Castelpoint Beach, a 4.5km long, exposed,
    and gradually sloping beach (intermediate - dissipative
    type) on the Wairarapa Coast. It is a key beach in Greater
    Wellington Regional Council's (GWRC) proposed long-term
    coastal monitoring programme, and uses sediment health
    as a primary indicator of beach condition.

    The report describes the following work:
    -Fine scale monitoring of sediment grain size and sediment
    -Fine scale monitoring of sediment dwelling plants and

    In overview, the results for a range of physical and biological
    indicators of beach condition show that the dominant
    intertidal habitat (i.e unvegetated sand) at Castlepoint beach
    was generally in good condition. The beach sediments
    consisted of well-oxygenated sands, with a typical exposed
    beach benthic invertebrate community, dominated by
    crustaceans (isopods and amphipods), and beetles. Such
    conditions indicate a nutrient-poor and therefore oligotrophic
    situation, which is typical of exposed New Zealand

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