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  • Title Regional Passenger Transport Operational Plan November 2007
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    Date published 30 November 2007
    GWRC Publication No GW/PT-G-07/294
    Abstract The Passenger Transport Operational Plan provides detailed guidelines,
    methods and targets for achieving the vision, objectives and policies of the
    Regional Passenger Transport Plan. The Operational Plan is approved by
    the Council on the recommendation of the Passenger Transport
    Committee but does not form part of the Passenger Transport Plan in a
    statutory sense.
    The Operational Plan is structured to reflect various work areas necessary
    to achieve the objectives and policies of the Passenger Transport Plan.
    Specific targets will be set for each of these work areas where relevant.
    The Operational Plan will be built up over time to include current
    operational guidelines and standards as they are developed. Where these
    do not currently exist, the Operational Plan may include targets for their
    development or indicate that additional work is required.
    This first Operational Plan mainly reflects the detail removed from the Draft
    Plan during the revision process following submissions, so as to enable
    the Passenger Transport Plan to focus on providing a robust policy
    framework that is responsive to changes in community needs and
    operating conditions.
    The next versions of the Operational Plan will be more complete and will
    include targets for when work areas will be completed.
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